I think of art as a shamanic practice. The journey of meditation, ritual and prayer are as important to me as the final work. My art often references mythology, the elements, and hermetic principals. All that is seen is equality unseen. Creativity lives in us all and it is in this creative spirit that connects us to the life force and universe.  


Kate is an artist working in the Connecticut and New York area. She received her MFA from Yale University in painting and printmaking. She currently works in IT, digital graphics/imaging, and information design primarily for science related  projects. The relationship between art, science, and the natural world is ever present to Kate and shows in her work through the use of gesture, color, structural relationships and always about the connection to the natural world, be it physical or invented.


Yale University School of Art, MFA Painting and Printmaking

Indiana University, BFA Painting and Printmaking

Indiana University BA Art History

Albertus Magnus, MBA Administration

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