About Me


About Me

Gesture describes the energy in life; it represents the vibration in everything. 

I describe my artwork as depicting a sense of place and the energy in the world around us. Using a combination of gestural and contour line, I translate elements of the natural world into a place of imagined passages. I think of art as a personal shamanic practice where meditation and ritual are as important to me as the final work. Creativity lives in us all, and it is in this creative spirit that connects us to a universal life force.  

The Cyto-Illusions images use multilayered abstractions from pictures including cells, shadows, scientific illustrations, and nature photography. The images are made from life, about life, showing a microscopic world that echoes patterns of the cosmos. The work is brightly colored and uses contour patterns of cells that flow together weaving art with science, and philosophy through the use of biomorphic abstraction.

Kate received her MFA in painting and printmaking from Yale University and a BFA in painting and a BA in art history at Indiana University. She is recognized for her pastels and is featured in Exhibeo Art Magazine. Her work has been shown at Creative Tech week NY, The Lumen Prize global tour at The Auditorium on Broadway NY, Degas Society in New Orleans, New Haven Lawn Club, NEST in Bridgeport CT, Ridgefield Camera Works, Franklin Street Works in Stamford CT, BRAG at the University of Bridgeport Schelfhaudt Gallery, Bridgeport CT, Connecticut Hospice, Creative Arts in New Haven, Yale-Sterling Library, and Art Place in New Haven.

Kate is represented by Kehler Liddell Gallery in New Haven and Art slant