Artist Statement

 Diana's Hunt (Detail)

Diana's Hunt (Detail)





My art work depicts the essence of a sense of place and the energy that connects us to the world around. The use of line takes the viewer on a journey through environments both physical and spiritual. Working primarily in pastel, I use a combination gesture and contour line creating a unique vision of the natural world and its transformation into abstraction. The images both describe and celebrate the intrinsically aesthetic structure of the natural world and the ever-present duality in all things. 

I enjoy using pastels because I feel they are the most honest of art materials. The color is pure, application is immediate, and you can physically feel the characteristics of each pigment. The pigments used in professional pastels are the same as those used to make oil paints. Pastels are made of pure powdered pigment and a gum binder. They are the closest to raw pigment than other painting medium and thus very archival. I use only a minimal amount of archival fixatives on rag paper, thus assuring the colors to last for many generations. 

Materials are important to me. I maintain the integrity of whatever medium I use whether it’s pastel, paint or digital imaging. I want each medium to have its own unique characteristics to provoke the senses, be it optical impressions, viscosity, or sound. 

I start my paintings by finding the essence of a particular place, moment in time, or emotional state. I often start with a collection of images, drawings or photographs to remind me of place and time. I then start to look for abstract structural elements that connect me to the moment or emotion. Working loosely with gesture drawing I let the painting evolve into its own place. I start finding the contours of natural shapes and building a path in and through the painting, creating a new abstract world to explore. 


“Great art picks up where nature ends.”  -Marc Chagall